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"There's nothing like watching that 'AHA' moment when the weight starts falling off, you start feeling better and you realize you've had the power take back her health and your life all along..." 
-Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Plant-Based Nutrition Educator, Naomi Green
How I discovered the secrets of the plant-based way of eating and it changed my whole life!
I remember how it felt when I was 40 pounds overweight after finishing breast cancer treatment. 

Bald, scared...scarred up on both sides just waiting for the cancer my oncologist said could come back. I was eating what I thought was a healthy diet: low fat meats and cheese, lots of olive oil with my veggies and very little fruit because I thought it was too high in sugar. And carbs? No way!

My mindset was so negative: I felt helpless and hopeless to fight cancer recurrence and a cried a lot every day. 
All of that changed when I watched the documentary, "Forks Over Knives" and I heard Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell Medical School describing his 30-year research on animal proteins. He simply said, "In our research, we found that eating animal protein turns cancer cells on and not eating animal protein turns cancer cells off." 

That was it! That was the answer for me. And everything changed when I adopted a whole food plant-based way of eating and all of sudden I found myself dropping the weight and finding my joy and along with it, my power. 

When the weight started falling off I knew I was doing something right...and these are the same secrets I teach my clients:

Secret #1:  I said good-bye to rigid meal plans
I found that rigid meal plans that rely on cooking many new recipes, or having specific ingredients when I didn't even know if I would like it just didn't work for me. I developed a flexible menu system that is way easier and less complicated.

Secret #2: I stopped being so gullible about product labels
Manufacturers love to hide ingredients in their products that will stop you from losing weight, preventing and reversing disease or adapting your taste buds to the natural food tastes. I learned how to be a label sleuth so every product I buy fits into my ultimate plan for health and effortless weight management.

Secret #3: I stopped listening to dieting hype about carbs
The hype in the diet industry right now wants you to avoid the very food group that makes you feel good and keeps you feeling satisfied in both mind and body...and that's carbohydrates. There's a scientific reason we love them.  Once I learned the power of eating unrefined carbohydrates the right way as part of a whole food plant-based way of eating, every bite became a guilt-free pleasure!

Secret #4: I stopped "dieting" and counting calories forever
Most women are focused on "calories in-calories out" and have a "dieting" mentality that tells them to restrict eating, meals and portions while still eating the same calorie-dense foods. They feel terrible eating tiny meals that still are very high in calories and fat...and they feel guilty if they eat more.  Once I understood and ate according to the laws of calorie density, I learned to trust my body's cues eating nutrient-dense foods with no restriction in delicious combinations and weight loss became a breeze!

Secret #5: I learned how my thoughts and feelings were causing my cancer
When I felt sad, hopeless and helpless, I didn't understand how my old beliefs about diet and cancer recurrence could be self-fulfilling. Once I learned out how to turn those around, weight loss was a pleasure, my healing was inevitable and that veil of pessimism and brain fog lifted so my happiness and energy returned.

Once I saw the weight falling off, I knew I was doing something right because I was feeling better in mind and body than ever before. I began to feel as though I had a sense of power...that I was doing something important to prevent cancer recurrence. And I got more hopeful. And happier. 

I took back my life. And that's what I want for you...for everyone!
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More Success Stories
See how others just like you took back their health...
and said it was DELICIOUS!

No More Insulin Shots!

"Before working with Naomi, my doctor prescribed more and more medications and my belly swelled larger and larger the more weight I gained. Naomi showed me how to adopt a whole food plant-based no oil diet and 8 months later eating delicious food without counting carbs or calories and 46 pounds lost, my doctor told me I can go off all insulin! It was the first time in 9 years I didn't leave the office crying!"
-Jo Sims

No More Overeating & Obesity

"I can't believe I've weighed over 300 pounds! What a pleasure it is to learn how to eat for energy and strength and know I can eat all the carbs I want (Did I mention I love to eat?) while I watched the weight fall off. Getting rid of the oils and learning that simple menu and simple cooking techniques was key for me and I was able to share this totally with my daughter!"
-Dwayne Ross

No More Gas Station Snack Attacks

"Naomi helped me knock out that mean girl in my head telling me I fail at every diet. I'm so surprised at how much weight I've lost while eating so much delicious food. Best part is I no longer want to stop at the gas station for junk food. Truth is, I'm in control now!" 
-Nanette Turrin

 No More Obesity, Heart Disease, Diabetes & Meds

"I think my body hit its happy place. All my ailments, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic aches and pains (and complaining) are gone. I finally have the energy to be the kind of dad and role model I want to be for my kids and even they are loving this food!

No More McToxic Eating Habits

"I was in a downward health spiral at 35 pounds overweight, borderline high blood pressure and prediabetes at my last doctors visit. I had seen the health turnarounds in Naomi's weight loss groups so I gave Naomi the 10 weeks until my next doctor visit. After learning how to ditch the animal foods and oils in my food and my McFrappe habit, I learned this way of eating really is so simple and delicious. My new blood work was completely normal and my doctor does not want to see me for another year!"
-Heidi Desormy

No More Chronic Pain, Low Energy or High Blood Pressure!

"I knew there was a way to eat to give my body all the nutrients I need without the crazy restriction of "cave-man meat-eating" fad diets, Naomi gave me that extra weekly accountability, knowledge and help to nail it down for myself without the oils and without the vegan junk foods I was eating before."
-Davo Kuka

No More Elevated Liver Enzymes or Tumor Markers

"At 242 pounds and a 70-year-old cancer survivor, I decided to join Naomi's weight loss group after attending her live workshop at a local wellness studio. At my next doctor's appointment 3 months later, my elevated liver enzymes and elevated tumor markers were all normal. I have lost 60 pounds and still losing and my blood pressure meds are also cut in half! I really learned you can eat guilt-free, lose the weight and watch your health turn-around. My best advice? Don't wait!"
-Judy King

No More Fatty Liver or Pre-Diabetes

"During my emergency gall bladder surgery, my doctor told me I had fat suffocating all my organs! Naomi taught me how to eat plant foods the right way and the weight started falling off immediately and freed from that frightening image forever! I went from 197 pounds to losing 22 pounds in 10 weeks and learning the secrets to enjoying food more than ever while reversing my prediabetes and my fatty liver! "
-Sharla Battiest

Finally losing weight & gaining energy

"I've tried going vegan so many times in the past and every time I made it both very boring and super-complicated until I just give in and go back to my bad eating habits. Naomi showed me how to ditch the oils and use a simpler menu with simpler recipes to begin and the weight started falling off and I've stuck to it because this way of eating is so delicious!"
-Don Golden

No More High Blood Pressure or High Cholesterol

"Naomi coached me on eating all the whole plant foods I wanted while eliminating the oils and junk foods and in 6 weeks, I dropped 20 pounds but more importantly, 4 months later, I dropped my cholesterol 40 points, my blood pressure was normal and I reversed my most recent pre-diabetes diagnosis."
-Rosana Dillon
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